Book proposal guidelines

When assessing new book ideas we ask authors to think carefully about the intended market, the competition and the unique selling points of the book. We are looking for the commercial viability of your proposal and require as much detail as possible. To help us make an assessment of your proposal it needs to include the following information:

The content

  • A synopsis of the proposed book, including a detailed outline of the work with intended chapter headings, together with a description of each chapter and its estimated length
  • An estimate of the total length of the book
  • A rationale describing why the book is needed, what it hopes to achieve and how, and any new ideas and developments you intend to cover, or new approaches that you intend to use. Notes on additional features such as case studies, checklists, diagrams, photographs, software, etc.
  • Sample material (one or two chapters), if possible
  • An estimated date of manuscript completion

The market

  • Who is the intended reader?
  • How large do you estimate the potential readership to be?
  • A description of the potential readers (e.g., students, practising library and information professionals/managers, policy makers)with specific details about why they need this book:
    • what sectors/organizations they are working in
    • the required level of professional expertise
    • courses.
  • Are there any potential secondary audiences and markets? (e.g., museums, archives, publishers, record managers)
  • Is there international potential? Where? Why?

The competition

Does this book fill a gap in the market? What evidence is there for this gap? Provide a list of any competing books with price, publisher, year of publication and any other useful information, together with a comment as to how your book differs, what makes it superior and how it will compete.


Details of yourself, your experience, related activities, and any other previous publications (whether articles, reports or books).

Please send your proposal by post or email to:

Damian Mitchell
Commissioning Editor
Facet Publishing
7 Ridgmount Street
London WC1E 7AE