Health libraries

Bibliotherapy   Bibliotherapy
Edited by Sarah McNicol and Liz Brewster

The basic premise of bibliotherapy is that information, guidance, wellbeing and solace can be found through reading. This book draws on the latest international practical and theoretical developments in . . .

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Changing Roles and Contexts for Health Library and Information Professionals   Changing Roles and Contexts for Health Library and Information Professionals
Edited by Alison Brettle and Christine Urquhart

This timely edited collection examines the evolving role of health professionals and explores the role they play in the context of where they work. It aims to encourage and inspire health information professionals . . .

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Systematic Searching   Systematic Searching
Practical ideas for improving results

Edited by Paul Levay and Jenny Craven

In resource poor, cost saving times, this book advises information professionals on how to search more efficiently. The book brings together expert international practitioners and researchers to highlight . . .

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Understanding Healthcare Information   Understanding Healthcare Information
Lyn Robinson

In an age of internet resource guides, which suffer from the malaise of being outdated before they are published, this much-needed publication addresses the information chain in its entirety, offering . . .

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Using Web 2.0 for Health Information   Using Web 2.0 for Health Information
Edited by Paula Younger and Peter Morgan

Working together is a particular strength of information professionals in all sectors. In the area of health information in particular, the potential for using the internet for collaborative working is . . .

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