Website and intranet management

Archiving Websites   Archiving Websites
A practical guide for information management professionals

Adrian Brown

This important book is the first to offer practical guidance to information management professionals seeking to implement web archiving programmes of their own. It is essential reading for those who need . . .

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Drupal in Libraries   Drupal in Libraries
Ken Varnum

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that many libraries use to create well-designed, easy-to-use and manage websites. Go step-by-step through the decisions and tasks needed . . .

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Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age   Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age
G. G. Chowdhury and Sudatta Chowdhury

Information users and usability constitute the main building blocks of today's electronic information world. This important new text is the first to give a holistic overview of all of the necessary . . .

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Making Search Work   Making Search Work
Implementing web, intranet and enterprise search

Martin White

Enterprise search engines locate information from internal servers and external information services and provide solutions for all organisations (including not-for-profit). This unique book is designed . . .

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Managing and Growing a Cultural Heritage Web Presence   Managing and Growing a Cultural Heritage Web Presence
A strategic guide

Mike Ellis

This book provides a complete guide for anyone looking to build or maintain a cultural heritage web presence. Peppered with data and case studies on current practice from large and small cultural heritage . . .

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Managing Your Internet and Intranet Services, 2nd edition   Managing Your Internet and Intranet Services, 2nd edition
The information professional's guide to strategy

Peter Griffiths

Developing an effective website is important for any organization. While the web designer must create a visually appealing navigable site, the information manager must determine what information is relevant . . .

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Mastering Data and Databases for Information Professionals   Mastering Data and Databases for Information Professionals
Computing for Information Professionals series

Diane Rasmussen Pennington

This is the first introduction to data and databases written specifically for information professionals and students of library and information science. This textbook. the first in the Computing for . . .

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Portals   Portals
People, processes, technology

Edited by Andrew Cox

First applied to internet gateways such as Yahoo, the concept of the 'portal' has evolved in a bewildering number of directions. Different themes of personalization, aggregation or integration . . .

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The Intranet Management Handbook   The Intranet Management Handbook
Martin White

This is the first book to offer practical advice on intranet management, based on the work of the author as an intranet consultant over the past fifteen years. Key areas include: managing intranets: . . .

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User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries   User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries
Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches

User experience (UX) characterizes how a person feels about using a product, system or service. UX design incorporates the practical aspects of utility, ease of use and efficiency to make your web design . . .

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Web Accessibility   Web Accessibility
Practical advice for the library and information professional

Edited by Jenny Craven

With ever greater provision of resources in electronic formats, formal recognition is increasingly being given to the growing awareness within the information profession that it is a moral duty as well . . .

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