Managing Records   Managing Records
A handbook of principles and practice

Elizabeth Shepherd and Geoffrey Yeo

Many organizations do not yet have a formal programme of records management, but increasingly they are recognizing the benefits of well managed records and the serious consequences of inadequate records . . .

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The Library Marketing Toolkit   The Library Marketing Toolkit
Ned Potter

This Toolkit provides you with everything you need to successfully market any library.   As libraries continue to fight for their survival amid growing expectations, competition from online . . .

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Practical Cataloguing   Practical Cataloguing

Anne Welsh and Sue Batley

This essential new textbook provides cataloguers with the skills needed for transition to Resource Description and Access (RDA).     The book builds on John Bowman’s highly regarded . . .

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Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval, 3rd edition   Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval, 3rd edition
G. G. Chowdhury

An information retrieval (IR) system is designed to analyse, process and store sources of information and retrieve those that match a particular user's requirements. A bewildering range of techniques . . .

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Introduction to Information Science   Introduction to Information Science
David Bawden and Lyn Robinson

This landmark textbook takes a whole subject approach to Information Science as a discipline.  Introduced by leading international scholars and offering a global perspective on the discipline, . . .

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Improving Students' Web Use and Information Literacy   Improving Students' Web Use and Information Literacy
A guide for teachers and teacher librarians

James E. Herring

The web is now an integral part of students’ lives in school and in society, and they need to be ever more web alert in order to gain the most from their education. What teachers and teacher librarians . . .

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A Guide to Teaching Information Literacy   A Guide to Teaching Information Literacy
101 tips

Helen Blanchett, Chris Powis and Jo Webb

This easy-to-use book is an invaluable source of inspiration for any librarian involved in teaching information literacy, providing practical guidance on tried and tested ideas and techniques for sessions. The . . .

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Research Methods in Information, 2nd edition   Research Methods in Information, 2nd edition
Alison Jane Pickard

The long-awaited 2nd edition of this best-selling research methods handbook is fully updated and includes brand new coverage of online research methods and techniques, mixed methodology and qualitative . . .

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Rethinking Information Literacy   Rethinking Information Literacy
A practical framework for supporting learning

Edited by Jane Secker and Emma Coonan

A vision for the future of information literacy teaching.   Based on groundbreaking research, undertaken by the authors as part of the prestigious Arcadia Programme at Cambridge University, . . .

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Better Library and Learning Space   Better Library and Learning Space
Projects, trends, ideas

Edited by Les Watson

What are the most important things a 21st-century library should do with its space? Each chapter in this cutting-edge text addresses this critical question, capturing the insights and practical ideas . . .

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Exploring Digital Libraries   Exploring Digital Libraries
Foundations, practice, prospects

Karen Calhoun

A landmark textbook on digital libraries for LIS students, educators and practising information professionals throughout the world. Exploring Digital Libraries is a highly readable, thought-provoking . . .

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Maxwell's Handbook for RDA   Maxwell's Handbook for RDA
Explaining and illustrating RDA: Resource Description and Access using MARC21

Robert L. Maxwell

Designed to interpret and explain RDA: Resource Description and Access, this handbook illustrates and applies the new cataloguing rules in the MARC21 environment for every type of information format.    In . . .

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Organizing Exhibitions   Organizing Exhibitions
A handbook for museums, libraries and archives

Freda Matassa

This ground-breaking book is the first to provide museum staff, librarians and archivists with practical guidance on creating and organizing successful exhibitions.    Drawing on international . . .

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E-books in Libraries   E-books in Libraries
A practical guide

Edited by Kate Price and Virginia Havergal

Despite the fact that eBooks have been in existence for decades in various guises and added to library collections for several years now, there has been a noticeable lack of published manuals on the subject. . . .

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