Principles and Practice in Records Management and Archives

Archives, 2nd edition   Archives, 2nd edition
Principles and practices

Laura A. Millar

A newly revised edition of the 2011 Society of American Archivists' Waldo Gifford Leland Award winner.  This new and extensively revised second edition offers an international perspective . . .

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Community Archives   Community Archives
The shaping of memory

Edited by Jeannette A. Bastian and Ben Alexander

How do archives and other cultural institutions such as museums determine the boundaries of a particular community, and of their own institutional reach, in constructing effective strategies and methodologies . . .

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Management Skills for Archivists and Records Managers   Management Skills for Archivists and Records Managers
Edited by Louise Ray and Melinda Haunton

This book introduces the range of management skills employed by records managers and archivists, and shows how they may be applied, adding value both in terms of personal professional development and in . . .

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Managing Records in Global Financial Markets   Managing Records in Global Financial Markets
Ensuring compliance and mitigating risk

Edited by Lynn Coleman, Victoria Lemieux, Rod Stone and Geoffrey Yeo

Although there are a number of publications covering records management generically, very few are focused on the specific challenges of particular sectors, and fewer still on current regulatory, legal . . .

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Preserving Archives, 2nd edition   Preserving Archives, 2nd edition
Helen Forde and Jonathan Rhys-Lewis

A brand new and fully updated edition of this seminal work on archival preservation. Access to archival material – the documentary heritage of people all over the world that gives them their identity . . .

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Records, Information and Data   Records, Information and Data
Exploring the role of record-keeping in an information culture

Geoffrey Yeo

This dynamic book considers whether and how the management of records (and archives) differs from the management of information (and data).  Can archives and records management still make a distinctive . . .

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The Silence of the Archive   The Silence of the Archive
David Thomas, Simon Fowler and Valerie Johnson

Foreword by Anne J Gilliland, University of California Evaluating archives in a post-truth society. In recent years big data initiatives, not to mention Hollywood, the video game industry and . . .

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