Digital curation and preservation

Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics   Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics

Edited by Samantha K Hastings

The Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics (ARCHI) is a pivotal resource for cultural heritage scholars, professionals and students providing a compendium of current research, educational initiatives . . .

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Archival Futures   Archival Futures
Edited by Caroline Brown

This book draws on the contributions of a range of international experts to consider the current archival landscape and imagine the archive of the future. Firmly rooted in current professional debate and . . .

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Archiving Websites   Archiving Websites
A practical guide for information management professionals

Adrian Brown

This important book is the first to offer practical guidance to information management professionals seeking to implement web archiving programmes of their own. It is essential reading for those who need . . .

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Cultural Heritage Information   Cultural Heritage Information
Access and management

Edited by Ian Ruthven and G. G. Chowdhury

This book provides an overview of various challenges and contemporary research activities in cultural heritage information focusing particularly on the cultural heritage content types, their characteristic . . .

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Delivering Impact with Digital Resources   Delivering Impact with Digital Resources
Planning your strategy in the attention economy

Simon Tanner

This book provides practical guidance for delivering and sustaining value and impact from digital content. Our digital presence has the power to change lives and life opportunities. We must understand . . .

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Delivering Research Data Management Services   Delivering Research Data Management Services
Fundamentals of good practice

Edited by Graham Pryor, Sarah Jones and Angus Whyte

Step-by-step guidance to setting up and running effective institutional research data management services to support researchers and networks.   The research landscape is changing, with key . . .

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Developing Digital Scholarship   Developing Digital Scholarship
Emerging practices in academic libraries

Edited by Alison Mackenzie and Lindsey Martin

This book provides strategic insights drawn from librarians who are meeting the challenge of digital scholarship, utilizing the latest technologies and creating new knowledge in partnership with researchers, . . .

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Digital Archives   Digital Archives
Management, use and access

Edited by Milena Dobreva

Foreword by Professor Kalpana Shankar, Head of School of Information & Communication Studies, University College Dublin This landmark edited collection offers a wide-ranging overview of . . .

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Digital Asset Management in Theory and Practice   Digital Asset Management in Theory and Practice
Mark Hedges

This practical handbook provides information professionals with everything they need to know to effectively manage digital content and information. The book addresses digital asset management (DAM) . . .

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Digital Curation, 2nd edition   Digital Curation, 2nd edition
Gillian Oliver and Ross Harvey

This second edition of Digital Curation outlines the essential concepts and techniques that are crucial to preserving the longevity of digital resources. The first edition of this textbook provided . . .

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Digital Futures   Digital Futures
Strategies for the information age

Marilyn Deegan and Simon Tanner

Libraries have been traditionally associated with managing physical resources, however with the rise of the Internet and the rapid expansion of electronic communication media, information gathering, storage . . .

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Digital Humanities   Digital Humanities
An introduction for librarians

Edited by Sally Chambers

Librarians have an important role to play in the burgeoning world of Digital Humanities and digital scholarship more widely. This book provides an accessible, introductory guide to digital humanities with . . .

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Digital Humanities in Practice   Digital Humanities in Practice
Edited by Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras and Julianne Nyhan

This cutting-edge and comprehensive introduction to digital humanities explains the scope of the discipline and state of the art and provides a wide-ranging insight into emerging topics and avenues of . . .

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Digital Information   Digital Information
Order or anarchy?

Edited by Hazel Woodward and Lorraine Estelle

If the vision for the future of digital information is order, ease of access, discoverable resources and sustainable business models, how might this be achieved?   In an information environment . . .

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Digital Libraries and Information Access   Digital Libraries and Information Access
Research perspectives

Edited by G. G. Chowdhury and Schubert Foo

An authoritative and truly global exploration of current research in digital libraries. Internationally-renowned academics discuss what has been achieved with digital libraries and what we can expect . . .

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Digital Preservation   Digital Preservation
Edited by Marilyn Deegan and Simon Tanner

Digital preservation is an issue of huge importance to the library and information profession right now. With the widescale adoption of the internet and the rise of the WWW, the world has been overwhelmed . . .

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Digitizing Collections   Digitizing Collections
Strategic issues for the information manager

Lorna M. Hughes

The proliferation of developments in digital technology makes choosing the right method of digitizing resources an increasingly complex process for information organizations. This technology is a key way . . .

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Engaging with Records and Archives   Engaging with Records and Archives
Histories and theories

Edited by Fiorella Foscarini , Heather MacNeil , Bonnie Mak and Gillian Oliver

This collection provides a multifaceted response to today’s growing fascination with the idea of the archive and showcases the myriad ways in which archival ideas and practices are being engaged . . .

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Exploring Discovery   Exploring Discovery
The front door to your library’s licensed and digitized content

Edited by Kenneth J Varnum

In the context of libraries, “discovery” is the process of finding appropriate resources to meet an information need.  We are in a new age of discovery where technology has enabled today’s . . .

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Exploring Research Data Management   Exploring Research Data Management
Andrew Cox and Eddy Verbaan

Research Data Management (RDM) has become a professional topic of great importance internationally following changes in scholarship and government policies about the sharing of research data.   Exploring . . .

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Managing Digital Cultural Objects   Managing Digital Cultural Objects
Analysis, discovery and retrieval

Edited by Allen Foster and Pauline Rafferty

This book explores the analysis and interpretation, discovery and retrieval of a variety of non-textual objects, including image, music and moving image.  Bringing together chapters written by . . .

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Managing Research Data   Managing Research Data
Edited by Graham Pryor

This title defines what is required to achieve a culture of effective data management offering advice on the skills required, legal and contractual obligations, strategies and management plans and the . . .

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Open Heritage Data   Open Heritage Data
Publishing and using open data for visualization, mapping, and mining in cultural heritage institutions

Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

This book combines current research in open data practices in the heritage sector with technical step-by-step guides on how to work with heritage data for visualisation, mapping, and mining.    The . . .

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Open Licensing for Cultural Heritage   Open Licensing for Cultural Heritage
Gill Hamilton and Fred Saunderson

This practical and explanatory guide for library and cultural heritage professionals introduces and explains the use of open licences for content, data and metadata in libraries and other cultural heritage . . .

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Participatory Archives   Participatory Archives
Edited by Edward Benoit, III and Alexandra Eveleigh

The rise of digitisation and social media over the past decade has fostered the rise of participatory and DIY digital culture. Likewise, the archival community has leveraged these new technologies, aiming . . .

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Participatory Heritage   Participatory Heritage
Edited by Henriette Roued-Cunliffe and Andrea Copeland

This book demonstrates how heritage institutions can work with community-based heritage groups to build broader, more inclusive and culturally relevant collections. The internet as a platform . . .

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Partners for Preservation   Partners for Preservation
Advancing digital preservation through cross-community collaboration

Edited by Jeanne Kramer-Smyth

Foreword by Nancy McGovern, Director of Digital Preservation, MIT Libraries Who could be partners to archivists working in digital preservation? This book features chapters from international contributors . . .

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Practical Digital Preservation   Practical Digital Preservation
A how-to guide for organizations of any size

Adrian Brown

2014 DPC Digital Preservation Award Winner A practical guide to the development and operation of digital preservations services for organizations of any size Practical Digital Preservation offers . . .

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Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals   Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals
David Stuart

Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals provides an accessible introduction and exploration of ontologies and demonstrates their value to information professionals. More data and information . . .

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Preparing Collections for Digitization   Preparing Collections for Digitization
Anna E. Bulow and Jess Ahmon

Most libraries, archives and museums around the globe are now confronting the challenges of providing digital access to their collections. As digitization becomes more widespread, there is huge demand . . .

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Preservation Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums   Preservation Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums
Edited by G. E. Gorman and Sydney J. Shep

Memory institutions such as libraries, archives, galleries and museums all share pressing concerns about preserving heritage, whether in the form of material and documentary cultural artefacts in collections, . . .

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Preserving Archives, 2nd edition   Preserving Archives, 2nd edition
Helen Forde and Jonathan Rhys-Lewis

A brand new and fully updated edition of this seminal work on archival preservation. Access to archival material – the documentary heritage of people all over the world that gives them their identity . . .

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Preserving Complex Digital Objects   Preserving Complex Digital Objects
Edited by Janet Delve and David Anderson

This ground-breaking edited collection explores the challenges of preserving complex digital objects such as simulations, visualisations, digital art and video games. Drawing on the outputs of the JISC-funded . . .

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Preserving Our Heritage   Preserving Our Heritage
Perspectives from antiquity to the digital age

Edited by Michele V. Cloonan

2016 Society of American Archivsts' Preservation Publication Award Winner This book aims to introduce students and professionals to readings that will help them in their studies and their professional . . .

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The Data Librarian's Handbook   The Data Librarian's Handbook
Robin Rice and John Southall

The eBook of this title is available to purchase from (for individuals) or from these suppliers (for libraries and institutions) An insider’s guide to data librarianship packed . . .

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The Facet Data Librarianship Collection   The Facet Data Librarianship Collection

This Collection contains the following books: The Data Librarian's Handbook Robin Rice and John Southall Metadata, 2nd edition Marcia Lei Zeng and Jian Qin Managing Research Data Edited . . .

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The Facet Digital Scholarship Collection   The Facet Digital Scholarship Collection

This Collection contains the following books: Developing Digital Scholarship edited by Alison Mackenzie and Lindsey Martin Altmetrics edited by Andy Tattersall Is Digital Different? . . .

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The Facet Preservation Collection 2   The Facet Preservation Collection 2

The Facet Preservation Collection 2 contains eight books written by leading academics and practitioners containing cutting-edge information and practical guidance on preservation for libraries, archives . . .

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The No-nonsense Guide to Born-digital Content   The No-nonsense Guide to Born-digital Content
Heather Ryan and Walker Sampson

2019 Society of American Archivsts' Preservation Publication Award Winner   Foreword by Trevor Owens, Head of Digital Content Management, Library of Congress This book offers a comprehensive, . . .

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Trusting Records in the Cloud   Trusting Records in the Cloud
The creation, management, and preservation of trustworthy digital content

Edited by Luciana Duranti and Corinne Rogers

Published in association with the Society of American Archivists Trusting Records in the Cloud presents key findings of InterPARES Trust, an international research project that has investigated . . .

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