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Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics   Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics

Edited by Samantha K Hastings

The Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics (ARCHI) is a pivotal resource for cultural heritage scholars, professionals and students providing a compendium of current research, educational initiatives . . .

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Catalogue 2.0   Catalogue 2.0
The future of the library catalogue

Edited by Sally Chambers

Will there be a library catalogue in the future and, if so, what will it look like? In the last 25 years, the library catalogue has undergone an evolution, from card catalogues to OPACs, discovery systems . . .

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Cultural Heritage Information   Cultural Heritage Information
Access and management

Edited by Ian Ruthven and G. G. Chowdhury

This book provides an overview of various challenges and contemporary research activities in cultural heritage information focusing particularly on the cultural heritage content types, their characteristic . . .

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Delivering Digital Services   Delivering Digital Services
A handbook for public libraries and learning centres

David McMenemy and Alan Poulter

Lifelong learning is currently a major concern of governments who wish to see their citizens remain employable while the job market changes. Critical to this are digital learning centres where learning . . .

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Delivering Impact with Digital Resources   Delivering Impact with Digital Resources
Planning your strategy in the attention economy

Simon Tanner

Companion website featuring additional content, BVI model implementations, adaptions and templates and much more.  This book provides practical guidance for delivering . . .

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Developing Digital Scholarship   Developing Digital Scholarship
Emerging practices in academic libraries

Edited by Alison Mackenzie and Lindsey Martin

This book provides strategic insights drawn from librarians who are meeting the challenge of digital scholarship, utilizing the latest technologies and creating new knowledge in partnership with researchers, . . .

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Digital Archives   Digital Archives
Management, use and access

Edited by Milena Dobreva

Foreword by Professor Kalpana Shankar, Head of School of Information & Communication Studies, University College Dublin This landmark edited collection offers a wide-ranging overview of . . .

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Digital Asset Management in Theory and Practice   Digital Asset Management in Theory and Practice
Mark Hedges

This practical handbook provides information professionals with everything they need to know to effectively manage digital content and information. The book addresses digital asset management (DAM) . . .

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Digital Consumers   Digital Consumers
Re-shaping the information profession

Edited by David Nicholas and Ian Rowlands

The information professions - librarianship, archives, publishing and, to some extent, journalism - have been rocked by the digital transition that has led to disintermediation, easy access and massive . . .

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Digital Curation, 2nd edition   Digital Curation, 2nd edition
Gillian Oliver and Ross Harvey

This second edition of Digital Curation outlines the essential concepts and techniques that are crucial to preserving the longevity of digital resources. The first edition of this textbook provided . . .

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Digital Futures   Digital Futures
Strategies for the information age

Marilyn Deegan and Simon Tanner

Libraries have been traditionally associated with managing physical resources, however with the rise of the Internet and the rapid expansion of electronic communication media, information gathering, storage . . .

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Digital Humanities in Practice   Digital Humanities in Practice
Edited by Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras and Julianne Nyhan

This cutting-edge and comprehensive introduction to digital humanities explains the scope of the discipline and state of the art and provides a wide-ranging insight into emerging topics and avenues of . . .

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Digital Libraries and Information Access   Digital Libraries and Information Access
Research perspectives

Edited by G. G. Chowdhury and Schubert Foo

An authoritative and truly global exploration of current research in digital libraries. Internationally-renowned academics discuss what has been achieved with digital libraries and what we can expect . . .

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Electronic Legal Deposit   Electronic Legal Deposit
Shaping the library collections of the future

Edited by Paul Gooding and Melissa Terras

Legal deposit libraries, the national and academic institutions who systematically preserve our written cultural record, have recently been mandated with expanding their collection practices to include . . .

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Evaluating and Measuring the Value, Use and Impact of Digital Collections   Evaluating and Measuring the Value, Use and Impact of Digital Collections
Edited by Lorna Hughes

An authoritative examination of current issues, themes and techniques on the use of digital collections by an international team of well-respected librarians, archivists and scholars.   Although . . .

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Exploring Digital Libraries   Exploring Digital Libraries
Foundations, practice, prospects

Karen Calhoun

A landmark textbook on digital libraries for LIS students, educators and practising information professionals throughout the world. Exploring Digital Libraries is a highly readable, thought-provoking . . .

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Exploring Discovery   Exploring Discovery
The front door to your library’s licensed and digitized content

Edited by Kenneth J Varnum

In the context of libraries, “discovery” is the process of finding appropriate resources to meet an information need.  We are in a new age of discovery where technology has enabled today’s . . .

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Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age   Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age
G. G. Chowdhury and Sudatta Chowdhury

Information users and usability constitute the main building blocks of today's electronic information world. This important new text is the first to give a holistic overview of all of the necessary . . .

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Introduction to Digital Libraries   Introduction to Digital Libraries
G. G. Chowdhury and Sudatta Chowdhury

Recent developments in ICT, especially the web, have led to the creation of a growing number of digital library projects in the UK, USA and elsewhere. This new phenomenon is designed to bring a paradigm . . .

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Is Digital Different?   Is Digital Different?
How information creation, capture, preservation and discovery are being transformed

Edited by Michael Moss, Barbara Endicott-Popovsky and Marc J Dupuis

This edited collection brings together global experts to explore the role of information professionals in the transition from an analogue to a digital environment. The contributors, including David . . .

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Linked Data for Cultural Heritage   Linked Data for Cultural Heritage
Edited by Ed Jones and Michele Seikel

This book gathers a stellar list of contributors to help readers understand linked data concepts by examining practice and projects based in libraries, archives, and museums. Linked open data remains . . .

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Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums   Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums
How to clean, link and publish your metadata

Seth van Hooland and Ruben Verborgh

This highly practical handbook teaches you how to unlock the value of your existing metadata through cleaning, reconciliation, enrichment and linking and how to streamline the process of new metadata creation. Libraries, . . .

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Managing Digital Cultural Objects   Managing Digital Cultural Objects
Analysis, discovery and retrieval

Edited by Allen Foster and Pauline Rafferty

This book explores the analysis and interpretation, discovery and retrieval of a variety of non-textual objects, including image, music and moving image.  Bringing together chapters written by . . .

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Managing Metadata in Web-scale Discovery Systems   Managing Metadata in Web-scale Discovery Systems
Edited by Louise F Spiteri

This book shows you how to harness the power of linked data and web-scale discovery systems to manage and link widely varied content across your library collection. Libraries are increasingly using . . .

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Marketing Plans in Action   Marketing Plans in Action
A step-by-step guide for libraries, archives and cultural organizations

Amanda L Goodman

You know you need to get the word out. But where do you start? How do you keep track of everything? Don’t work harder—work smarter. The key is to stay organized and focused through solid project . . .

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Mastering Digital Librarianship   Mastering Digital Librarianship
Strategy, networking and discovery in academic libraries

Edited by Alison Mackenzie and Lindsey Martin

This book examines the changing roles of the librarian and how working within a rich digital environment has impacted on the ability of professionals to develop the appropriate 'know how', skills, . . .

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Metadata for Digital Collections   Metadata for Digital Collections
A how-to-do-it manual

Stephen J Miller

More and more libraries, archives, and museums are creating online collections of digitized resources. Where can those charged with organizing these new collections turn for guidance on the actual practice . . .

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Open Licensing for Cultural Heritage   Open Licensing for Cultural Heritage
Gill Hamilton and Fred Saunderson

This practical and explanatory guide for library and cultural heritage professionals introduces and explains the use of open licences for content, data and metadata in libraries and other cultural heritage . . .

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Preserving Complex Digital Objects   Preserving Complex Digital Objects
Edited by Janet Delve and David Anderson

This ground-breaking edited collection explores the challenges of preserving complex digital objects such as simulations, visualisations, digital art and video games. Drawing on the outputs of the JISC-funded . . .

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Resource Discovery for the Twenty-First Century Library   Resource Discovery for the Twenty-First Century Library
Case studies and perspectives on the role of IT in user engagement and empowerment

Edited by Simon McLeish

Discovery is central to academic activities at all levels and is a major focus for libraries and museums. Of all the parts of modern library provision, discovery services are the most clearly affected . . .

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