A Guide to Finding Quality Information on the Internet, 2nd edition

Jul 2003 | 224pp

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A Guide to Finding Quality Information on the Internet, 2nd edition
Selection and evaluation strategies

Alison Cooke

This book addresses the growing problem of how to sort the quality sites from the mass of junk available. Uniquely, it suggests a system of criteria and guidelines, developed through empirical research, for selecting and evaluating high-quality information resources. It also advises on devising checklists and rating schemes for numerically evaluating the quality of information. This edition updates the user on the latest developments in Internet-based search tools for locating quality information including:

  • search engines
  • subject catalogues and directories
  • rating and reviewing services
  • subject-based gateway services
  • virtual libraries.  

Information and guidance about the new Resource Discovery Network, the potential role and usefulness of metadata in locating quality information, and using web 'citations' for retrieving quality material have also been added to this edition. Step-by-step examples have been included on how to evaluate particular types of resources available via the Internet.

1. Introduction: some questions answered
2. Using search facilities to maximize quality information retrieval
3. Assessing the quality of an information source
4. Examining particular types of sources
5. Using checklists, kitemarks and metadata to indicate 'quality'

"...throws a lifejacket to Internet users who feel they're drowning in information."
- Freepint

"This guide is excellent. It is well organised, written succinctly and provides essential information for locating and assessing information on the internet."
- Internet Resources Newsletter

"This second edition of this accessible academic book continues to provide an excellent perspective on assessing the results of an Internet search and deciding what information is valuable and what is complete bunkum."
- Web Search Workshop

"This book is written so anyone with a modicum of knowledge about the internet will not flounder in jargon."
- Information World Review

"This book adds a lot of value by bringing together valuable insights, examples and checklists in a highly accessible format."
- UKOLUG Newsletter

Alison Cooke is an information skills trainer in the Medical Library at the Royal Free Hospital and Royal Free University College of Medicine in London.

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