Innovations in Information Retrieval

Jul 2011 | 176pp

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Innovations in Information Retrieval
Perspectives for theory and practice

Edited by Allen Foster and Pauline Rafferty

The advent of new information retrieval (IR) technologies and approaches to storage and retrieval provide communities with previously unheard of opportunities for mass documentation, digitization, and the recording of information in all its forms. This book introduces and contextualizes these developments and looks at supporting research in IR, the debates, theories and issues.

Contributed by an international team of experts, each authored chapter provides a snapshot of changes in the field, as well as the importance of developing innovation, creativity and thinking in IR practice and research. Key discussion areas include:

  • browsing in new information environments
  • classification revisited: a web of knowledge
  • approaches to fiction retrieval research
  • music information retrieval research
  • folksonomies, social tagging and information retrieval
  • digital information interaction as semantic navigation
  • assessing web search machines: a webometric approach.  

Readership: LIS professionals , researchers and students, and for all those interested in the future of IR.

Foreword - Ina Fourie
Introduction - Allen Foster and Pauline Rafferty
1. Encountering on the road to Serendip? Browsing in new information environments - David Bawden
2. Classification revisited: a web of knowledge - Aida Slavic
3. Approaches to fiction retrieval research: from theory to practice? - Anat Vernitski and Pauline Rafferty
4. Music information retrieval research - Charlie Inskip
5. Folksonomies, social tagging and information retrieval - Isabella Peters
6. Digital information interaction as semantic navigation - Richard Kopak, Luanne Freund and Heather L. O’Brien
7. Assessing web search engines: a webometric approach - Mike Thelwall

"...an invaluable starting point for undergraduate and graduate information science students looking for ideas for essay and research topics, and also as an illustration of how to write good literature reviews. There must be around 500 or more papers cited in total, and anyone in the IR community and many in enterprise search would benefit from the insights provided by the authors. Definitely a five-star rating."
- Ariadne

"...a welcome addition to the existing literature in the field of information retrieval. This is a very stimulating and thought provoking book which reads easily. Furthermore, it is a book that scholars, researchers or practitioners interested in information retrieval should not be without."
- The Electronic Library

"...the book makes the case for IR being an expansive area of study, and the academy-centred magpie approach is ideally suited to its defined target audience – master’s-level students in ILS wanting information and inspiration. The volume, in different ways, offers both."

"Innovations in Information Retrieval provides interesting material on a fast changing dynamic topic with lots of insight by the contributing authors...there are certainly many leads to follow for further research opportunities in all of the topics covered, should one feel inclined to do so."
- Library Management

Dr Allen Foster BA MSc is Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Department of Information Studies, Aberystwyth University. He holds a PhD in information behaviour from the University of Sheffield, where he was also involved in research projects for a numbers of years. 

Dr Pauline Rafferty MA (Hons) MSc MCLIP is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Teaching and Learning at the Department of Information Studies, Aberystwyth University. She previously taught at the Department of Information Science, City University London, and in the School of Information Studies

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