Read to Succeed

Aug 2011 | 288pp

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Read to Succeed
Strategies to engage children and young people in reading for pleasure

Edited by Joy Court

Concern about children's reading is an international issue highlighted by continuing OECD research. Government actions such as the priority given to reading in the review of the National Curriculum reflect current UK concern. Reading is an essential life skill not only for an individual's development and life chances but for social cohesion and a developed democracy. In an era of public spending cuts it is important to reflect upon the impact that libraries can have in growing readers for the future. 

This much-needed book provides valuable evidence of successes so far both nationally and internationally, and offers ideas for future development as well as inspiration for current practice. An edited collection contributed by expert practitioners, it covers all aspects of promoting reading to and with children and young people from birth right through to teenage years, including the following key topics: 

  • the importance of Bookstart
  • how children begin to read
  • creating young readers
  • literacy, libraries and literature in New Zealand
  • the Summer Challenge in libraries
  • Stockport does Book Idol
  • restoring reading to the classroom
  • promoting excellence - shadowing the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals
  • local book awards
  • the sport of reading
  • libraries and partnerships
  • the hard to reach reader in the 21st century
  • creative reading.  

Readership: Offering future scoping for managers and aiming to inspire partnership and cooperation, this will be invaluable reading for practitioners and students of librarianship in both the public and school sectors. It will also be of great interest to all teachers, consultants and educators concerned with literacy and reading, and to policy makers in both the school and library sectors.

Foreword - Alan Gibbons 
Introduction - Joy Court
1.. It’s never too soon to start - Wendy Cooling
2. How children begin to read - Clare Wood
3. Creating young readers: teachers and librarians at work - Prue Goodwin
4. The six dimensions of the ‘honeycomb’ model, and its implications for literacy, libraries and literature in New Zealand - Helen Villers
5. The Summer Reading Challenge in libraries: a continuing success - Anne Sarrag, Lynne Taylor, Natasha Roe and Geraldine Brennan
6. Stockport does Book Idol! A case study linking libraries and schools to inspire reading for pleasure - Nikki Heath, Eddy Hornby and Jenny Barber
7. There and back again: restoring reading to the classroom - Bridget Hamlet
8. Promoting excellence: shadowing the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals - Kasey Butler, Eileen Simpson and Joy Court
9. Choice and motivation: local book awards - Jean Wolstenholme and Jacob Hope
10. The sport of reading - Celeste Harrington and Wayne Mills
11. Adventures in the book trade: libraries and partnerships - Jacob Hope
12. The hard-to-reach reader in the 21st century - Andrew Blake, Julia Hale and Emma Sherriff
13. Creative reading and insideadog.com.au - Lili Wilkinson

"The timing of this seminal work, edited by Joy Court, could not be better. As the status of public and school libraries comes under review and concern about the place of reading for pleasure in young people's lives continues, this excellent reference books gathers together all the evidence needed to make a case for promoting the joy of reading to children...It will surely become a standard work for anyone involved in the business of getting young people to read for pleasure." 
- The School Librarian

"...a praiseworthy reflection of the determination and creativity of librarians up and down the country."
- Refer

"I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest or passion for encouraging reading and readers...I found it inspirational and think that it  would benefit anyone with an interest in the area."
- Library and Information Research

"Read to Succeed could be useful to many readers. For children's librarians and library managers, while this book does have many broad nationwide programs, some of the details from the programs could translate. If the librarian is in a national role or working with a larger group (state, county, city) this could give some inspiration for new programs or advice on how to better serve young clients. For teachers and teacher librarians and those working in education, some of the “how to” chapters could be skipped, but many of the other chapters could offer guidance on how to partner with public libraries to achieve amazing results. LIS students interested in literacy and children's services, Read To Succeed would be very helpful because it provides a broad perspective on programs and how they help children and young people. With literacy a hot topic internationally, Read To Succeed offers a unique blend of perspectives from library, education other spheres by looking at successful programs."
- Library Management

"By compiling this collection of expert evidence regarding the value of children's library services, Joy Court has done the profession a great service...This is a strong collection of ideas, and should be of interest to teachers, librarians and literacy advocates."
- Australian Library Journal

Joy Court is a Past Chair of CILIP Youth Libraries Group, a CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medal Coordinator, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Member of the National Council of UKLA.

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