Next-Gen Library Redesign

Jun 2012 | 132pp

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Next-Gen Library Redesign

Michael Lascarides

While technology has changed what we do and how we do it, the library's mission to provide users with the information they need has not changed.

Part of the award-winning TECH SET series, Michael Lascarides' concise guide will help you choose and implement the techniques and best practices used by today's forward-thinking libraries to create the best possible patron experiences.

You'll learn website clean-up strategies, how to incorporate social media into your site, how to create and offer interactive and collaborative subject guides, promote your librarians with public profiles, and use crowdsourcing to create a collection with user input. And, to make it easier, you'll find easy-to-understand explanations for technology buzzwords and acronyms.

Foreword - Ellyssa Kroski 
1. Types of Solutions Available 
2. Planning 
3. Social Mechanics 
4. Implementation 
5. Marketing 
6. Best Practices 
7. Metrics 
8. Developing Trends 
9. Recommended Reading

"The writing style is engaging, with the use of the second person (you) making a strong connection between Lascarides and the reader. The range of topics covered means that the book will be particularly useful for someone wanting a general overview of web-based technologies that could be used in a library context."
- Library Review

Michael Lascarides is Senior Manager for Web Initiatives at New York Public Library.

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