Marketing with Social Media

Dec 2013 | 176pp

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Marketing with Social Media

Edited by Beth C. Thomsett-Scott

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use social media to promote your library to, and engage in dialogue with, your users and potential users. 

Peppered with real-world examples, this how-to guide offers to-the-point advice for getting up to speed with the world of social media. Whether you are a novice ready to get serious about marketing with social media or a practitioner on the lookout for ways to improve existing efforts, this guide will save you time and effort by evaluating the most popular and cutting-edge marketing technologies. 

Showcasing best practice for engaging library user across multiple platforms, the book:

  • Draws from a range of experiences, with examples from different library types and sizes 
  • Includes case studies of successful social media efforts using Facebook, wikis, video-sharing sites, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, blogs, Twitter, and QR codes
  • Offers tips for maintaining a steady flow of content, coordinating with colleagues, planning for sustainability, and using built-in analytics for evaluation
  • Features numerous screen shots and illustrations
  • Provides a resource list at the end of every chapter, allowing readers to dig deeper.

Readership: Directed towards librarians and library administrators who are exploring their marketing strategies and are looking for a technology-based solution, this book will also be of value to library school students and others interested in using technologies to market libraries.

1. Libraries and Marketing with Technology - Anita R. Dryden 
2. Using Facebook to Market Libraries - Mindy Tomlin 
3. Using Wikis to Market Services and Resources - Megan Kocher 
4. Using Video-Sharing Sites to Market your Library - Katie Buehner 
5. Outreach and Marketing Using Pinterest - Shae Martinez and Joyce McFadden 
6. Marketing Libraries with Google+ - Amy West  
7. Foursquare: A New Marketing Tool - Anne Rauh and Carolyn Rauber 
8. Using Blogs to Market Library Services and Resources - Carrie Moore, Amy Vecchione and Memo Cordova 
9. QR Codes and Libraries - Janet Hack and Ilana Kingsley 
10. Twitter as a Marketing Tool for Libraries - Laura Carscaddon and Kimberly Chapman.

"A good introduction to a range of services, with enough detail to follow up on any you're interested in."

"This volume, edited by Beth Thomsett-Scott, provides readers with step-by-step instructions for creating a library presence on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare, and Google+. Development of blogs, wikis and video-sharing sites are also outlined. In addition, best practices and case studies of highly successful social media outreach campaigns by libraries featured throughout the book."
- Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

"This guide demonstrates how social media technologies have made it possible for any library to market itself with little or no cost – all that is needed is an interest in social media marketing and the motivation to get started. This guide is certainly a very good starting point."
- Margaret Katny, Elucidate

Beth C Thomsett-Scott is Science and Engineering Librarian at the University of North Texas, USA.

1. Libraries and marketing with technology - Anita R. Dryden

This introductory chapter provides an overview of marketing with technology, introduces the technologies included in his book (Facebook, wikis, videos, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, blogs, QR codes, and Twitter), and suggests best practices. It also offers a reading list for those looking for more information on using technology to market libraries.

2. Using Facebook to market libraries - Mindy Tomlin

While Facebook is not a new technology, it can still pose some challenges for libraries. Although many libraries have experimented with Facebook, there are questions about how to improve a presence in order to better provide services to patrons. Common questions include: What types of things should I post?” “How do I get more likes?” This chapter seeks to provide groundwork for institutions that have not yet established a Facebook presence and also to provide tips on enhancing and sustaining a successful one.

3. Using wikis to market services and resources - Megan Kocher

This chapter examines the popular wiki softwares, offers advice for choosing software, provides an example of initial account creation, and discusses best practices for setting up and maintaining a library wiki for marketing. Several case studies are included as examples.

4. Using video-sharing sites to market your library - Katie Buehner

This chapter discusses the benefits of video-sharing sites, using video as a marketing tool, the videp creation process, and how to publish, promote, and assess video content in order to provide an understanding of the medium for libraries looking to be seen and heard.

5. Outreach and marketing using Pinterest - Shae Martinez and Joyce McFadden 

This chapter discusses the creation and maintenance of a Pinterest account and explores the potential of Pinterest as a marketing tool for libraries. Examples of well-designed Pinterest sites are included.

6. Marketing libraries with Google+ - Amy West

This chapter provides information on account setup and best practices for using Google + as a marketing tool including populating Google+; maintaining and advertising; and evaluating, assessing and using statistics.

7. Foursquare: a new marketing tool - Anne Rauh and Carolyn Rauber

This chapter describes how to set up an account and claim your library as a venue, populate the outward-facing library venue page, use Foursquare for advertising, and evaluate Foursquare’s impact. The New York Public Library is highlighted as an examplar of a Foursquare-engaged organization and the chapter concludes with a set of best practices and recommendations.  

8. Using blogs to market library services and resources - Carrie Moore, Amy Vecchione and Memo Cordova 

This chapter provides an introduction to using blogs for marketing, discusses popular types of blog software, offers considerations for selecting software, and present best practices for establishing and maintaining blogs. Examples of high-quality marketing blogs of libraries are presented as well.

9. QR codes and libraries - Janet Hack and Ilana Kingsley 

This chapter focuses on how to successfully implement a QR code campaign in your library. Topics include information on how to create, maintain, and track QR Codes; where to places them; how patrons locate and use QR codes; best practices; and case studies.

10. Twitter as a marketing tool for librariesLaura Carscaddon and Kimberly Chapman

This chapter provides information on implementing and maintaining a Twitter account, offers best practices, and suggests tips and tricks for a successful Twitter marketing campaign. Examples of libraries “doing it well” are included.

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