Library and Information Science Research through a Qualitative Lens

Apr 2020 | 224pp

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Library and Information Science Research through a Qualitative Lens

Edited by Alison Jane Pickard

This new book will provide students, researchers and particularly practitioners, with real examples of applied qualitative research from research design to dissemination. It combines both theory and practice to provide readers with the theoretical underpinnings of many different approaches to qualitative research whilst also providing a very clear example of how and why it was used.

Previously, in order for a practitioner or students to explore the multifarious assortment of approaches to qualitative research, they would need to identify and read a great many scholarly articles from both within LIS publications and across many other disciplines. The authors will provide access to this detailed account of qualitative research in a single volume to share the approach and personal reflections on how that approach has ‘worked’ in practice. This will be achieved by applying the experience and knowledge of qualitative researchers across the LIS discipline and presenting the reader with a detailed and logical explanation of each approach.

Readership: This book contains a wealth of advice for researchers, but also offers an important refresher for practitioners. It will be useful for all library professionals and information managers.

1. Introduction
2. Trustworthiness in qualitative research
3. Ethics in qualitative research
4. Action research
5. Delphi study
6. Discourse and content analysis
7. Case study research
8. Conversation and narrative analysis
9. Critical theory
10. Ethnography
11. Grounded theory
12. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)
13. Phenomenography
14. Photovoice
15. Psychdynamic theory
16. Virtual ethnography
17. Editors closing remarks

Alison Jane Pickard is Director of CPD and Collaboration at Northumbria. She is the author of the Facet Publishing book, Research Methods in Information (2nd edition, 2013).

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