The Facet Copyright Collection

Aug 2015 | 832pp

3 volume set
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The Facet Copyright Collection

The Facet Copyright Collection is an all-encompassing guide to copyright for librarians, information professionals, archivists, records managers and curators.

The Collection contains three books, all fully up-to-date with the new legislation which came into force in 2015, from the UK’s leading copyright experts Graham P Cornish, Paul Pedley and Tim Padfield.

The books included in the Collection are:

Readership: This Collection with be essential reading for all librarians, information professionals, archivists, records managers, curators, researchers, genealogists and LIS students.

Copyright, 6th edition
Interpreting the law for libraries, archives and information services
Graham P Cornish

1. Definition and law
2. What is covered by copyright
3. Rights and limitations
4. Literary, dramatic and musical works
5. Artistic works
6. Sound recordings
7. Films, videos and DVDs
8. Broadcasts
9. Databases
10. Licensing schemes
11. Computer programs, websites and the electronic world
12. Other matters

Practical Copyright for Library and Information Professionals
Paul Pedley

1. General principles
2. Legislative framework
3. Acts permitted in relation to copyright works (The Copyright Exceptions) 
4. Licensing
5. Digital copyright
6. Orphan works
7. Copyright compliance
8. Copyright for the corporate sector

Copyright for Archivists and Records Managers, 5th edition
Tim Padfield

1. What is copyright?    
2. Copyright protection    
3. Ownership         
4. Publication, exhibition and performance    
5. Use        
6. Copyright in the electronic environment    7. Special cases     
8. Other intellectual property rights     
9. Appendix     
10. Bibliography     
11. Authorities

"Facet Publishing have branded these titles as part of a wider Copyright Classics series: a fitting term given how much the sector has come to rely on the guidance provided by these authors...with significant amounts of experience dealing with copyright issues through practice, lobbying policy-makers, and providing training to the archive, library and information management sectors."
- Victoria Stobo, Archives and Records

Graham P Cornish has worked in the field of copyright since 1983 and advised the British Library on copyright matters for 18 years. He has run workshops and seminars in many different sectors of the information industry. He now works as an independent advisor and trainer in all aspects of copyright under the label ©opyright Circle.

Paul Pedley MA MLib FCLIP has been following developments in UK copyright law for nearly twenty years. He has been a member of the Libraries and Copyright Alliance since 1998, and regularly trains, lectures and speaks on copyright and other areas of information law. He is the author of a number of books published by Facet Publishing including the E-copyright Handbook, Copyright Compliance: Practical steps to stay within the law and Essential Law for Information Professionals.

Tim Padfield MA LLM worked at The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) for over thirty years before his retirement in 2013. He is a specialist in copyright, with particular reference to unpublished materials and has a postgraduate law degree, with merit. Heis a past chair of the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance and is adviser on copyright to the Society of Archivists, the International Council on Archives and the Bodleian Libraries.

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