Digital Humanities

Jul 2021 | 224pp

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Digital Humanities
An introduction for librarians

Edited by Sally Chambers

Digital Humanities is thriving, and the essential role that libraries, archives and museums play in digital humanities initiatives is increasingly being recognised. Digital Humanities: An introduction for librarians provides practical advice for embedding digital humanities activities into daily operations of cultural heritage institutions, and inspiration for library and cultural heritage professionals wanting to actively engage with the digital humanities community. Which approaches have led to successful partnerships and collaboration with digital humanities researchers, and how to provide best access to digital collections,  are among the questions readers can find answers to in this book.
Content covered includes: 
insights from humanities researchers working with digital methods across a range of disciplines including tips and tricks for successful collaborations with libraries and other cultural heritage institutions 
the opportunities and challenges of providing access to digital cultural heritage collections including case studies from key initiatives such as the ‘Collections as Data’ and ‘GLAM Labs’ movements
key tools and methods used by the digital humanities community including text and data mining, social network analysis and spatial humanities 
a range of organisational considerations for library managers wishing to strategically embed digital humanities support into the daily work of the library
how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can help libraries stay ahead of the game. 
Featuring contributions from some of the leading researchers and practitioners in the field, this book provides an accessible, introductory guide to digital humanities specifically designed with librarians and cultural heritage professionals in mind. 



1. Setting the digital humanities context: a brief history to digital humanities and the role of libraries

2. Digital scholarship in the humanities: insights from the disciplines

3. Scholarly methods in the digital humanities

4. Getting DiRTy with Research Tools: a Guide for Librarians

5. Digital scholarship in the humanities: an overview of tools and methods

6. Digital humanities and the library: key initiatives 

7. Digital humanities and the library: key initiatives 

8. Getting involved: opportunities for librarians


Sally Chambers, Digital Humanities Research Coordinator, Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities.

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