The Facet Digital Literacies Collection

Jun 2016 | 942pp

4 volume set
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The Facet Digital Literacies Collection

This Collection contains the following books:

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Metaliteracy in Practice 

Foreword - Alison Head
1. Revising for Metaliteracy: Flexible Course Design to Support Social Media Pedagogy - Donna Witek and Teresa Grettano
2. The Politics of Information: Students as Creators in a Metaliteracy Context - Lauren Wallisand Andrew Battista
3. Metaliteracy Learning of RN to BSN Students: A Fusion of Disciplinary Values and Discourses - Barbara J. D’Angelo and Barry M. Maid
4. Where Collections and Metaliteracy Meet: Incorporating Library-Owned Platforms into Open and Collaborative Library Instruction - Amanda Scull
5. Empowering Learners to Become Metaliterate in a Digital and Multimodal Age - Sandra K. Cimbricz and Logan Rath
6. Metacognition Meets Research-based Learning in the Undergraduate Renaissance Drama Classroom - Michele R. Santamaria and Kathryn M. Moncrief
7. Promoting Empowerment through Metaliteracy: A Case Study of Undergraduate Learning Outcomes - Kristine N. Stewart and David M. Broussard
8. Developing Agency in Metaliterate Learners: Empowerment Through Digital Identity and Participation - Irene McGarrity
9. Metaliteracy, Networks, Agency and Praxis: An Exploration - Paul Prinsloo


Foreword – Sheila Webber 
1. Developing a metaliteracy framework to promote metacognitive learning 
2. Metaliteracy in the open age of social media 
3. Metaliteracy as an integrated model of related literacies 
4. Global trends in emerging literacies 
5. Survey of the field: from theoretical frameworks to praxis 
6. The evolution of a dedicated information literacy course toward mtaliteracy 
7. Exploring digital storytelling from a metaliteracy perspective

Critical Literacy for Information Professionals

Introduction - Sarah McNicol
1. Renegotiating the place of fiction in libraries through critical literacy - Sarah McNicol
2. Death of the Author(ity): Repositioning students as constructors of meaning in information literacy instruction - Jessica Critten 
3. Reading health education comics critically, challenging power relationships - Sarah McNicol
4. Reframing librarian approaches to international student information literacy through the lens of New Literacy Studies - Alison Hicks
5. Using new literacies to discuss disability in the library - JJ Pionke
6. “Anyone can cook”: critical literacy in the workplace - Andrew Whitworth
7. Social justice, adult learning and critical literacy - Jennifer Lau-Bond
8. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Teaching Media Literacy - Michael Cherry
9. Curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to engage school students in critical literacy in England - Rebecca Jones
10. New media and critical literacy in secondary schools - Joel Crowley
11. Critical literacy and academic honesty: a school librarian’s role and contribution - Anthony Tilke
12. Engaging Undergraduate Communications Students in critical information literacy - Rachel Elizabeth Scott
13. Exploring pedagogical implications of students’ search mediation experiences though the lens of critical information literacy - Sarah Clark
14. Diffusing critical web literacy in a teacher education setting: initial reflections and future planning - Evangelia Bougatzeli and Efi Papadimitriou

Visual Literacy for Libraries: A practical, standards-based guide

1. Interpret and Analyze Images
2. Find the Right Images 
3. Create and Use Images
4. Ethical Use of Images
5. Cite and Credit Images
6. Images and the Research Process


Trudi E Jacobson MLS is currently Librarian and Head of the Information Literacy Department at the University of Albany, SUNY and is known nationally for her seminal scholarship in the field of information literacy instruction. She has authored or edited numerous books and published articles in a number of journals.

Thomas P Mackey PhD is the Dean at the Center for Distance Learning at SUNY Empire State College in Saratoga Springs, New York. His teaching and research interests involve information literacy, teaching with technology, web-based multimedia, and social informatics. He also co-edited Information Literacy Collaborations That Work and Teaching Information Literacy Online with Trudi E. Jacobson.

Sarah McNicol is is a research associate at the Education and Social Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. She has worked as an Information Studies researcher since 2000, and has particular interests in information literacy; lifelong learning; and school and children’s libraries. She has published widely in the information studies field and has previously guest edited a number of journals including Library Review and Library Trends.

Nicole E Brown is the Multidisciplinary Instruction Librarian at New York University, where she teaches research workshops to a variety of user groups and works to expand and strengthen the teaching role of librarians.

Kaila Bussert is the Foundational Experiences Librarian at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo where she leads a foundational information literacy program.

Denise Hattwig is Curator of Digital Collections at the University of Washington Bothell Library, where she collaborates with faculty and students on digital scholarship projects, facilitates digital collection and repository development, and teaches archiving and interdisciplinary image use. 

Ann Medaille is the Assessment Librarian at the University of Nevada in Reno where she coordinates library assessment efforts, teaches information literacy and research skills, and serves as the library liaison for education, art, anthropology, theatre, and dance.

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