The Facet RDA Collection

Jun 2016 | 1104pp

3 volume set
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The Facet RDA Collection

This Collection contains the following books: 

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RDA Essentials


1. Identifying Manifestations and Items
2. Describing Carriers
3. Providing Acquisition and Access Information
4. Identifying Works and Expressions
5. Describing Content
6. Identifying Persons
7. Identifying Families
8. Identifying Corporate Bodies
9. Relationships between Entities
10. Relationships to Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies Associated 11. Relationships between Works and Subjects
12. Relationships between Works, Expressions, Manifestations, and Items 
13. Relationships between Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies


14. Transcription
15. Numbers Expressed as Numerals or as Words 
16. Notes
17. Titles Associated with a Manifestation
18. Statements of Responsibility
19. Place of Production, Publication, Distribution, and Manufacture
20. Name of Producer, Publisher, Distributor, and Manufacturer
21. Date of Production, Publication, Distribution, and Manufacture
22. Titles of Works
23. Names of Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies
24. Dates Associated with Persons, Families, and Corporate Bodies
25. Places


26. Persons
27. Families
28. Corporate Bodies
29. Works
30. Expressions


31. Cases Involving Multiple Elements
32. Changes that Result in the Creation of a New Description


Maxwell's Handbook for RDA

1. Introduction
2. Describing manifestations and items
    Appendix: Facsimilies and reproductions
3. Describing persons
4. Describing families
5. Describing corporate bodies
6. Describing geographic entities
7. Describing works
    Appendix: Series authority records
8. Describing expressions
9. Recording relationships.
A. Printed books and sheets
B. Cartographic resources
C. Unpublished manuscripts and manuscript collections
D. Notated music
E. Audio recordings
F. Moving image resources
G. Two-dimensional graphic resources
H. Three-dimensional graphic resources
I. Digital resources
J. Microform resources
K. Serial and integrating resources
L. Analytical description


Practical Cataloguing

1. Catalogues and cataloguing standards 
2. The FRBRization of the catalogue 
3. Bibliographic elements 
4. Access points and headings 
5. RDA: resource description and access 
6. AACR and RDA 
7. MARC 21 
8. Practical cataloguing: bringing it all together 
9. The birth of RDA and the death of MARC? 
10. Examples.

Thomas Brenndorfer began his career in cataloguing at the National Library of Canada in 1990. While working at the Guelph Public Library in 1997 he learned about FRBR, which had been presented at a conference on the future of AACR2 in nearby Toronto. He followed the development of FRBR to its full incorporation into a draft of RDA ten years later in 2007. Having seen the importance of FRBR for the future of catalogs he began giving presentations introducing FRBR and RDA concepts to cataloguers (and others eager to learn) at conferences hosted by the Ontario Library Association and Canadian Library Association.

Robert L. Maxwell is senior librarian and chair of the Special Collections and Formats Catalog Department at the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University. His most recent book, FRBR: A Guide for the Perplexed, was published in 2008. He has chaired the RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee of ACRL and has served on the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) of ALCTS. He is the author of the Highsmith Award-winning Maxwell's Guide to Authority Work as well as Maxwell's Guide to AACR2.

Anne Welsh is Lecturer in Library and Information Studies, School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College London. 

Sue Batley is Course Director for the MA in Information Management, London Metropolitan University.

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