Digital Literacy Unpacked

Aug 2018 | 224pp

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Digital Literacy Unpacked

Edited by Katharine Reedy and Jo Parker

This book brings together a wide range of diverse perspectives on digital and information literacy to provide a comprehensive blend of theory and practice for library and information professionals and others with an interest in this area.

Digital Literacy Unpacked demonstrates the importance of digital literacy in all areas of life, the centrality of critical thinking (a key element of both digital and information literacy), and the essential role of library and information professionals in leading digital literacy developments. It highlights the partnerships needed to deliver excellence and presents case studies from a range of practitioners world-wide.

Includes coverage of:

  • approaches to digital literacy, including a discussion of terminology, institutional approaches, and existing frameworks
  • an overview of digital literacy in HE and examples of good practice
  • openness and digital literacy with a discussion of OERs
  • the myth of digital natives
  • developing digital capabilities for staff
  • professional development for librarians
  • digital inclusion and lifelong employability in a digital world.

The book will be useful reading for library and information professionals across the sector (FE, HE, schools, business/corporate, special, public), institutional leaders and managers, and LIS students. It will also be useful reading for educational technologists, learning and teaching professionals, and anyone with an interest in developing digital and information literacy capabilities in their students, teachers and customers.


Foreword - Rosie Jones
Introduction - Katharine Reedy and Jo Parker
Part 1: Approaching digital literacy
1. The trouble with terminology: rehabilitating and rethinking ‘Digital Literacy' - Jane Secker
2. Unpacking Digital Literacy: the potential contribution of central services to enabling the development of staff and student digital literacies - Joe Nicholls
3. Collaboration and coaching: powerful strategies for developing digital capabilities - Clare Killen
Part 2: Learning in a digital world
4. Digital Literacy in UK and European Schools; enhancing school children’s motivation to read for pleasure - Geoff Walton, Mark Childs, Vedrana Vojković Estatiev, Janet Hetherington and Gordana Jugo
5. Digital games: Providing unique digital literacy challenges in childhood - Dean Groom and Judy O'Connell
6. Students in the SADL: lessons from LSE’s digital literacy programme - Jane Secker
7. Copyright and Digital Literacy – rules, risk and creativity - Chris Morrison
Part 3: Developing staff digital literacies
8. D4 Curriculum Design Workshops: a model for developing digital literacy in practice - Liz Bennett and Sue Folley
9. #creativeHE:  An animated Google+ platform for challenging practitioners to think differently - Chrissi Nerantzi and Norman Jackson
10. Developing library staff digital literacies - Charles Inskip
Part 4: Digital citizens and workers
11. Digital literacy and open educational practice: Digilit Leicester - Josie Fraser and Katharine Reedy
12. Transforming the workplace through digital literacy - Bonnie Cheuk and Katharine Reedy
13. Critical digital literacy education in the ‘fake news’ era - Philip Seargeant and Caroline Tagg
14. Onwards! Why The Movement For Digital Inclusion Has Never Been More Important - Adam Micklethwaite
Conclusion - Katharine Reedy and Jo Parker

Katharine Reedy is a digital literacy and learning design specialist. She was active in the field of digital and information literacy for over 10 years in different roles within the Open University Library before joining the OU Learning Design team in 2016. Her focus is on curriculum development, including the award-winning Being digital collection and the OU’s Digital and information literacy framework. She has a strong interest in learning design and its potential to improve the study experience, and actively promotes the involvement of students in curriculum design. Katharine is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and chartered member of CILIP. Her contribution to digital and information literacy was recognised in 2015 with the award of Information Literacy Practitioner of the Year.

Jo Parker is a Senior Library Manager at the Open University Library, with particular responsibility for developing digital and information literacy strategy. Her current role is leading institutional digital capabilities development.  She is a ‘jolly good fellow’ - a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow, a Fellow of the HEA, and a Fellow of the Leadership Foundation, as well as holder of an OU Teaching Award. She has co-edited two previous books for Facet, and was 2017’s ‘runner up’ in LILAC’s Information literacy practitioner award.

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