The Makerspace Librarian's Sourcebook

Mar 2017 | 400pp

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The Makerspace Librarian's Sourcebook

Edited by Ellyssa Kroski

The Makerspace Librarian's Sourcebook, edited by technology expert Ellyssa Kroski, is an essential all in one guidebook to makerspaces written specifically for libraries. This practical volume provides an invaluable resource for librarians seeking to learn about the major topics, tools, and technologies relevant to makerspaces today. Containing cutting-edge guidance from a range of international experts, this collection is packed with practical tips and case studies for the field's most tech-savvy innovators.

This book:

  • Shows readers how to start their own makerspace from the ground up, covering strategic planning, funding sources, starter equipment lists, space design, and safety guidelines
  • discusses the transformative teaching and learning opportunities that makerspaces offer, with tips on how to empower and encourage a diverse maker culture within the library
  • delves into 11 of the essential technologies and tools most commonly found in makerspaces, ranging from 3D printers, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and wearable electronics to CNC, Lego, drones, and circuitry kits
  • includes an assortment of practical, ready to implement, project ideas.

Readership: This hands-on sourcebook will be useful reading for librarians using technology in teaching and learning in their libraries, as well as those considering whether to set up a makerspace, or with one already up and running.

PART I: Creating the Library Makerspace

1. How to Start a Library Makerspace – Cherie Bronkar

2. Pedagogy & Prototyping in Library Makerspaces – Laura Costello, Meredith Powers, and Dana Haugh

3. Encouraging a Diverse Maker Culture Amy Vecchione, Deana Brown, Gregory Brasier, and Ann Delaney

4. Safety and Guidelines in the Library MakerspaceKevin Delecki

PART 2: Makerspace Materials, Tools, and Technologies

5. A Librarian’s Guide to 3D Printing – Bohyun Kim

6. Raspberry Pi for Librarians – Stephen M. Tafoya

7. Arduino for Librarians – Jonathan M. Smith

8. Lilypad, Adafruit, and More:Wearable Electronics for Libraries – Megan Egbert

9. Google Cardboard for Librarians – Tom Bruno

10. Legos in the Library – Megan Lotts

11. Little Bits, MaKey MaKey and Chibitronics, and More: Circuitry Projects for Libraries – Wendy Harrop

12. CNC in the Library with Cutting and Milling Machines – Rob Dumas

13. Robotics in Libraries – Antonia Krupicka-Smith

14. Drones in the Library – Chad Mairn and Kristi Seferi

15. Library Hackerspace ProgramsChad Clark

PART 3: Looking Ahead

16. Mobile Makerspaces Kim Martin, Mary Compton, and Ryan Hunt

17. Sustainability: Keeping the Library Makerspace Alive – Sharona Ginsberg

18. The Future of Library Makerspaces – Eric Johnson

"The Maker Space Librarian’s Sourcebook is interesting, informative and fun – a worthy addition to the Facet catalogue. Ellyssa Kroski introduces the text as a ‘one-stop handbook [that] will inspire readers’ and it is successful in achieving this"
- Antony Groves, LSE Review of Books

"The Makerspace Librarian's Sourcebook is a must-read for both new and experienced makerspace librarians. The clear organization of the chapters makes this text a handy resource to consult at any point in developing, implementing, or managing a makerspace, and following the recommendations outlined in this text will help librarians build sustainable spaces and programming with clear outcomes for library users."

Ellyssa Kroski is Director of Information Technology at the New York Law Institute, as well as an award winning editor and author. She is a librarian, an adjunct faculty member at Drexel and San Jose State Universities, and an international conference speaker. Her professional portfolio is located at



Cherie Bronkar; Laura Costello; Meredith Powers; Dana Haugh; Amy Vecchione; Deana Brown; Gregory Brasier; Ann Delaney; Kevin Delecki; Bohyun Kim; Stephen M. Tafoya; Jonathan M. Smith; Megan Egbert; Tom Bruno; Megan Lotts; Wendy Harrop; Rob Dumas; Antonia Krupicka-Smith; Chad Mairn; Kristi Seferi; Chad Clark; Kim Martin; Mary Compton; Ryan Hunt; Sharona Ginsberg; Eric Johnson

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