Process and Information Practice for Information Systems

Dec 2017 | 288pp

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Process and Information Practice for Information Systems

Christine Urquhart, Faten Hamad, Dina Tbaishat and Alison Yeoman

This book takes a holistic view and interpretation of Information architecture in the context of libraries to offer a vital critical analysis with details of methods, tools, techniques and a discussion of trends.

The editors argue that information architecture has largely been the study of content architecture, while library assessment literature has dealt with performance measurement and change management strategies, leaving little on the ways of looking at the process architecture of a library and information service and on methods for business process analysis. Process and information practice for information systems aims to fill that gap with combination of theory and supporting case studies written by an international line-up of contributors, including Sally Burford, Fernando Loizides and Ruben Verborgh (co-author of Linked Data for Libraries, Archive and Museums, Facet 2014).

The book:

  • offers a comprehensive view and interpretation of Information architecture in the context of libraries across the sector, globally
  • discusses research and methods that help libraries and information services work from strategic business objectives through the organisation of processes that support the information services offered, and information management functions supported
  • opens a new area of research/investigation on the link between information behaviour research and information systems and architecture, supported by case studies and projects
  • includes contributions from an international range of experts from diverse backgrounds
  • uses introductory sections and chapter commentary from the editors to draw the discussions together.

This will be essential reading for researchers in information science specifically in the areas of digital libraries, information architecture and information systems. It will also be useful for practitioners and students in these areas who want to know the different research issues and challenges and learn how they have been handled in course of various research projects in these areas.

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