Expert Internet Searching, 5th edition

Jul 2017 | 288pp

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Expert Internet Searching, 5th edition

Phil Bradley

Expert Internet Searching provides library and information professionals with in-depth practical guidance on how to search the internet quickly and effectively to obtain accurate information in a timely fashion.

Covering everything from the basics to running advanced and complex searches using a variety of different search engines, the book enables readers to gain a nuanced and full understanding of online search. Fully revised for its 5th edition, Expert Internet Searching includes current trends in search, such as social media search, fake news, and discussion of the authority and validity of search results.

Key topics include:

  • an introduction to the internet and search engines
  • the Google experience
  • other free-text search engines
  • directory- and category-based search engines
  • multi- and meta-search engines
  • social media search engines
  • visual searching
  • people-based resources
  • academic and other specialized search engines
  • news-based search engines
  • multimedia search engines   
  • search apps and a discussion of the effect of mobile search on the industry
  • search utilities and resources to make life easier
  • the future of search.  

This book will be useful reading for any information professional who is seeking to gain an in depth understanding of the search process and the search industry. It provides a vital guide to the basics in search, but will also help experienced professionals stay up to date with the latest trends and information in the industry. 

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1. An introduction to the internet

2. An introduction to search engines

3. The world according to Google

4. Other free-text search engines

5. Directory, clustering and similarity search engines

6. Multi- and meta-search engines

7. Social media search engines

8. Visual and image search engines

9. People-based resources

10. News-based search engines

11. Multimedia search engines

12. Specialised search engines

13. Hints, tips and the future


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