Collection Development and Management for 21st Century Library Collections

Aug 2018 | 300pp

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Collection Development and Management for 21st Century Library Collections
An introduction

Vicky L Gregory

Collection Development and Management for 21st Century Library Collections is an A to Z guide perfect for students and beginning librarians, yet full of sage advice and new ideas for experienced practitioners. Collection development and management practices, like most everything in the library world, are changing rapidly. This fully revised second edition will fill different gaps created by this flux and bring the book up to date on electronic materials and new practices.

Each chapter includes discussion questions, activities, references, and selected readings. Key features include samples of a needs assessment report, a collection development policy, an approval plan, and an electronic materials license. 

Featuring an updated vendor list, an updated bibliography and updated materials for use on a Web Extra (including new collection development plans with accompanying permissions), this new edition covers:

  • new technology and self-publishing
  • self-censorship as a component of intellectual freedom
  • new and revised electronic sources for selection, with emphasis on electronic sources
  • weeding of electronic materials.

1. The Impact of New Technologies on Trends in Collection Development and Management
2. Needs Assessment in Collection Development
3. Collection Development Policies
4. Selection Sources and Processes
5. Acquisitions
6. Budgeting and Fiscal Management
7. Assessment and Evaluation of the Collection, including Deselection (Weeding)
8. Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing
9. Marketing the Collection and Outreach to the Community
10. Legal Issues in Collection Development
11. Diversity and ADA Issues
12. Gifts and Exchanges
13. Professional Ethics and Intellectual Freedom
14. Preservation
15. Future of Collection Development and Management

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