Marketing Plans in Action

Jan 2020 | 210pp

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Marketing Plans in Action
A step-by-step guide for libraries, archives and cultural organizations

Amanda L Goodman

You know you need to get the word out. But where do you start? How do you keep track of everything? Don’t work harder—work smarter. The key is to stay organized and focused through solid project management skills, and at the heart of it all lies an efficient workflow. Goodman’s invaluable resource is here to smooth the way with 72 time-saving guides that will streamline your processes. Addressing myriad marketing, publicity, and promotion activities, this book is packed with tried and true best practices and useful tips on such topics as: 

  • efficiently reviewing and tracking task requests from colleagues around your organization;
  • keeping people informed through project management tools and formal reporting;
  • developing and sustaining a network of media contacts in the community who will publicize your events;
  • crafting a consistent brand identity across the organization through language, logo, and colors;
  • creating and maintaining a public calendar for content;
  • designing mobile-friendly email messages and web pages;
  • segmenting email campaigns for maximum impact and engagement;
  • collecting user information while respecting privacy;
  • employing simple surveys for quick and useful feedback; and
  • handling complaints with grace.

With the help of Goodman’s step-by-step advice, you’ll be able to establish and maintain marketing communication strategies and workflows no matter your organization’s size.

Chapter 1   Getting Started
What Is Marketing?
A Word on Titles
Where Do You Fit in the Organizational Structure?
Document Everything
The Buck Stops Here
Welcome to the Guides
Chapter 2   Learn About Your Organization
1. Getting Staff Buy-In
2. Outline Your Job Scope
3. Know Your Branding
Chapter 3   Get Notified of Marketing Requests
4. Make an Inventory of Marketing Offerings
5. How to Gather Marketing Requests
6. E-Mail System Setup
7. Ingest Form Setup
Chapter 4   Set Up Project Management
8. Time Management
9. Understand Your Needs
10. Desired Capabilities
11. Analog vs. Digital
12. Comparison of Project Management Tools
13. Personal Knowledge Base
14. Internal Tracking System
15. Publicity Plans
16. Marketing Strategy
17. Example of a Complete Marketing Workflow
Chapter 5   Content Creation
18. File Management
19. Content
20. Copyright
21. Design
22. Mobile-Friendly Content
23. Diversity
24. Images
25. Video
26. Print Materials
27. E-Mail Newsletters
28. CAN-SPAM Act
29. Web Forms
30. Calendars to Develop
31. Photography Policies
Chapter 6   Staff Training and Interactions
32. Build a Network of Support
33. Educational Resources
34. Keep Staff Involved
35. Staff Training Now and in the Future
36. Managing Assistants
Chapter 7   Who Are Your Users?
37. Target Audiences
38. Respecting Privacy
39. Confirmation Methods
40. How to Collect User Information
41. Simple Surveys
42. Program Attendance vs. Door Counts
43. Staff-Sourced User Groups
44. Census
45. Mapping
46. Social Media Insights
47. Other Ways to Learn about Users
Chapter 8   Tracking and Reports
48. Questions to Ask
49. What to Track When
50. Daily Tracking and Reports
51. Weekly Tracking and Reports
52. Monthly Tracking and Reports
53. Quarterly Tracking and Reports
54. Annual Tracking and Reports
55. Single Campaigns
56. Shortened URLs
57. A/B Testing
58. Marketing Report for Staff
Chapter 9   Outside Contacts
59. Document Your Public Relations Contacts
60. Set Up Meetings
61. Find New Contacts
62. Press Releases
63. Other Press Releases to Send
64. One-Off Press Releases
65. Networking
Chapter 10   Bonus Insights
66. Google My Business
67. Handling Complaints
68. How to Apologize
69. Ordering Items
70. Update Content
71. Social Media Tips
72. Two-Factor Authentication

'This is an excellent and well-designed guidebook for busy librarians. Although written by a public librarian, it will be of tremendous use to any librarian involved with marketing.'
— Booklist

Amanda L. Goodman is the publicity manager at Darien Library, a public library in Connecticut. Prior to this role, she was the user experience librarian there. Goodman's author credits include The Comparative Guide to WordPress in Libraries: A LITA Guide (2014) and the Library Technology Report “Digital Media Labs in Libraries,” and she has written for UX Magazine, Library Journal, and Public Libraries Magazine. Her projects include cofounding LibUX, creating a worldwide map of 3D printers in libraries, and teaching classes on WordPress, UX, and digital signage. She is serving as a LITA Board director-at-large for 2017−2020.

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