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  • Q&A: Nielsen BookData and Amy Stubbing talk Libraries and Data Driven Decisions

    Wooden blocks turned away from the camera with four with letters visible that spell data

    Thursday, 14th April 2022


    Nielsen: It's great to meet someone as passionate about using data as we are! What first sparked your interest in data?

    Amy: Necessity! I definitely never had an innate love for data or maths, not did I think of myself as particularly good with numbers. My first role (after my graduate traineeship) was at a school library. When I was there I...

  • Caring for Metadata: Taking a Strategic Approach

    A hand reaching into the distance of a clouded sunset. The hand is surrounded by points of light that look like data.

    Friday, 19th November 2021

    As digital collections have been created and have grown to the large corpus that they form today, libraries, archives and other repositories have (hopefully) taken great care to look after them. The disciplines of digital curation and digital preservation have established an extensive set of protocols and techniques as a means of ensuring that...
  • Reflections on the Libraries' Responses to Coronavirus, Resource Discovery and the Future

    Tuesday, 8th December 2020

    The events of recent months have had a huge effect on people’s lives across the whole world. In my workplace, physical library services have stopped completely, with no readers and no staff permitted to access buildings. The fundamental purpose of a library is to provide information to its patrons, and giving up the physical space and physical...

  • Books Offer a Healing Retreat for Youngsters Caught Up in a Pandemic

    A young child reading a book and smiling

    Monday, 24th January 2022

    Parents at a loss to find activities for their children during COVID lockdowns can encourage them to escape into a book. New research shows how reading books can help young people escape from their sources of stress, find role models in characters and develop empathy.

    Recent media reports have highlighted a concerning rise in severe emotional...

  • Data Science in the Library

    An illustration of a graph with someone holding a magnifying glass over it

    Monday, 10th January 2022

    Over the last decade, data science has transformed academic disciplines and challenged existing university curricula. As an increasing number of students and faculty adopt data science workflows that embrace reproducible research, data sharing, programming languages, and other open science practices, how can libraries engage with this dynamic...