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Archiving Websites



This book offers practical guidance to information management professionals seeking to implement web archiving programmes of their own. It is essential reading for those who need to collect and preserve specific elements of the web - from national domains or individual subject areas to an organization's own website.
This second edition has been updated to cover key developments such as advances in the archiving and analysis of social media, the challenges and opportunities of mobile technology and Linked Open Data, recognition of the vast potential of web archives to support research, and the adoption of web archiving in the commercial world to support regulatory compliance.
Contents include:

  • the development of web archiving – with added case studies from the British Library, TNA, Eastern Europe and Asia
  • selection policies – including discussion of new types of content to archive
  • preservation – including discussion of automatic crawl definition and refinement and updated similarities and differences between library, archive and museum approaches to web archiving
  • delivery to users - expanded to include new cases for web archives, journalism and media use, education, academic research data, linked data and government transparency
  • legislation – with a discussion of the new copyright regulations
  • managing a web archiving programme – with added discussion of a wider commercial market for web archiving services.

This book will be important reading for those required to implement a web archiving programme in libraries, archives, records management and compliance teams, museums, galleries in both the public and private sectors, local authorities, higher education, specialist organizations and also website owners and web masters who may need to facilitate archiving of their own websites.

Adrian Brown is the Director of the Parliamentary Archives and has lectured and published widely on all aspects of digital preservation. He is the author of Practical Digital Preservation (Facet Publishing 2013) which was the winner of the NCDD Award for Teaching and Communications at the Digital Preservation Awards in 2014. He was previously Head of Digital Preservation at the National Archives where his team won the International Digital Preservation Award in 2007.

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