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Delivering Digital Services: A Handbook for Public Libraries and Learning Centres



Lifelong learning is currently a major concern of governments who wish to see their citizens remain employable while the job market changes. Critical to this are digital learning centres where learning is delivered through internet access or via CD-based packages. Access to these turns public libraries and community networks into 'multi media neighbourhood superstores' where print-based learning materials are enhanced by multimedia. The multiplicity of sources of learning materials and experiences reinforces and extends the traditional role of the librarian as mediator between the user and their needs. To support and foster these activities frontline public library and community network staff must be capable of offering user support and advice in a much wider arena. This requires training in new knowledge and skill sets. This timely new book offers practical guidance and expertise for public library and community network staff in setting up, running and developing an effective digital learning centre based within the People's Network or in a related community networking initiative. It has a holistic focus on the use of ICT, taking staff beyond user training applications into areas of network management, e-learning, digitization, web design and XML that staff face on a day-to-day basis. Key areas covered include: • PC installation and maintenance • managing a network and coping with the security issues of internet connection • understanding and supporting lifelong learning • digitization of local materials • managing websites and intranets: site design, metadata, XML • building local community portals • implementing e-government • social inclusion and service extension: assistive technologies • service issues: copyright, access • user and staff training. Readership: This book will de-mystify this new area of development for all library and information staff working in, or setting up, a PC-based digital learning centre in information service settings within public libraries, community networking centres, and school and academic libraries.
Foreword - Joe Hendry SECTION 1: POLICY AND LEGAL BACKGROUND 1. The role of the 21st-century public library - Sara O'Loan and David McMenemy 2. Managing access: legal and policy issues of ICT use - David McMenemy and Paul F. Burton SECTION 2: FRONT-LINE ISSUES IN THE 21ST-CENTURY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3. The importance of building on ICT skills - Alan Poulter, David McMenemy and Sandie King 4. Supporting electronic government: a role for public libraries - Alan Poulter and Paul Anderson SECTION 3: CONTENT CREATION IN THE 21ST-CENTURY PUBLIC LIBRARY 5. Designing websites and intranets and understanding XML - Alan Poulter and David McMenemy 6. Creating simple portal solutions in public libraries - David McMenemy, Margaret Houston and Liz McGettigan 7. Creating digitized content in community libraries - David McMenemy Conclusion – Towards a digital future.

David McMenemy BA(Hons) MSc MCLIP ILTM is a Lecturer at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde. He was formerly Lifelong Learning Officer for Glasgow City Council, where he worked on the roll-out programme for the People's Network. Other previous experience includes work on two large digitization programmes.
Alan Poulter BA MA MSc MCLIP is a Lecturer at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde, and runs training sessions on internet-related topics, as well as being co-author with Debra Hiom and David McMenemy of The Library and Information Professional's Internet Companion (Facet Publishing, 2005).

"...a must for any librarianship student, recently appointed librarian, or any librarian, or learning centre manager, that finds themselves needing to transform their current library environment into a twenty-first century library."

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