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Digital Curation



"Harvey has worked his alchemy to provide an informed and yet practical piece of work."

PART I - DIGITAL CURATION: SCOPE AND INCENTIVES 1. Introduction 2. The Changing Landscape 3. Conceptual Models 4. Defining Data PART II - KEY REQUIREMENTS FOR DIGITAL CURATION 5. Curation and Curators 6. Description and Representation Information 7. Preservation Planning and Policy 8. Sharing Knowledge and Collaborating PART III - THE DIGITAL CURATION LIFECYCLE IN ACTION 9. Designing Data 10. Creating Data 11. Deciding What Data to Keep 12. Ingesting Data 13. Preserving Data 14. Storing Data 15. Using and Reusing Data

Gillian Oliver is an academic at the School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Her PhD is from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Her research interests centre on organisational culture, and the influences this has on the way that information is managed. She is the co-author of Records Management and Information Culture (Facet 2014) and a Co-editor in Chief of Archival Science. Ross Harvey is Adjunct Professor at RMIT University and the University of South Australia.
For the archival generalists in small shops facing their first accession of born-digital records, this is an excellent introduction to what is required.Experienced digital archivists will also welcome how this updated reference source sets out current and emerging practices in this field. For educators preparing students for a career in this emerging profession and for students considering this career, this volume sets out the skills needed and the potential for a challenging and satisfying career (pp. 24–29). Regardless of the reader's motivation, Oliver and Harvey have provided an essential resource for anyone interested in digital curation. And we can hope that, by the time the third edition appears, "curation" will be a recognized word, no longer singled out by spellcheck.

Archival Issues (Archival Consultant)

A high-level overview of all the activities comprising digital curation ... the emphasis on conceptual modelling as an essential step in understanding and practising digital curation is one of the particular strengths of Oliver and Harvey's text.


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