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Digital Humanities in Practice



This cutting-edge and comprehensive introduction to digital humanities explains the scope of the discipline and state of the art and provides a wide-ranging insight into emerging topics and avenues of research.
Each chapter interweaves the expert commentary of leading academics with analysis of current research and practice, exploring the possibilities and challenges that occur when culture and digital technologies intersect. International case studies of projects ranging from crowdsourced manuscript transcription to computational reconstruction of frescoes are included in each chapter, providing a wealth of information and inspiration. QR codes within each chapter link to a dedicated website where additional content, such as further case studies, is located.
Key topics covered include:

  • studying users and readers
  • social media and crowdsourcing
  • digitization and digital resources
  • image processing in the digital humanities
  • 3D recording and museums
  • electronic text and text encoding
  • book history, texts and digital editing
  • open access and online teaching of digital humanities
  • institutional models for digital humanities.

Readership: This is an essential practical guide for academics, researchers, librarians and professionals involved in the digital humanities. It will also be core reading for all humanities students and those taking courses in the digital humanities in particular.

Introduction - Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras and Julianne Nyhan
1. Studying users in digital humanities - Claire Warwick
2. Social media for digital humanities and community engagement - Claire Ross
3. Digitization and digital resources in the humanities - Melissa Terras
4. Image processing in the digital humanities - Melissa Terras
5. 3D recording and museums - Stuart Robson, Sally MacDonald, Graeme Were and Mona Hess
6. Text encoding and scholarly digital editions - Julianne Nyhan
7. Historical bibliography in the digital world - Anne Welsh
8. Open access and online teaching materials for digital humanities - Simon Mahony, Ulrich Tiedau and Irish Sirmons
9. Institutional models for digital humanities - Claire Warwick

Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras and Julianne Nyhan are all members of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

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