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Records and Information Management


As Information Management put it, "On the strength of its currency and coverage alone, Franks' book is poised to take over as the recommended go-to reference for both students and RIM professionals for many years to come." The new second edition cements this work's status as an up-to-date classic, its content updated and expanded to address emerging technologies, most notably blockchain, and evolving standards and practices. Inside, Franks presents complete coverage of the records and information lifecycle model, encompassing paper, electronic (databases, office suites, email), and new media records (blogs, chat messages, and software as a service). Informed by an advisory board of experts in the field and with contributions by noted authorities, the text addresses such key topics as:

  • the origins and development of records and information
  • the discipline of information governance and developing a strategic records management plan
  • creation/capture and classification
  • retention strategies, inactive records management, archives, and long-term preservation
  • access, storage, and retrieval
  • electronic records and electronic records management systems
  • the latest on rapidly evolving technologies such as web records, social media, and mobile devices
  • vital records, disaster preparedness and recovery, and business continuity
  • monitoring, auditing, and risk management
  • education and training.

This book's authoritative blend of theory and practice makes it a matchless resource for everyone in the archives and records management field. Instructor/trainer extras include a set of ready-to-go, customizable PowerPoint slides to accompany the text.

'It offers clear explanations of a range of new technologies and other developing aspects of the business landscape, with which records managers need to be familiar if they are to engage successfully with co-workers and organizational executives...Many of its readers may consider it the most useful textbook on records management (or, if they prefer, 'records and information management') published in the English language in the last 10 or 15 years.'

Taylor & Francis Online

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