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Supervising and Leading Teams in ILS


Anyone wishing to be a successful supervisor must learn the interpersonal skills of communication, assertiveness and motivation in order to build a successful team with a positive ethos. This book provides a practical guide to supervisory skills for team leaders and supervisors in library and information work. Although reference is made to relevant management concepts, its strength is that it translates theory into practice, and the focus is decidedly on the latter. This is very much a 'how to' guide for anyone wishing to develop a supervisory role in an ILS context. Each topic is covered in a practical and down-to-earth manner, and is illustrated by examples and case studies from different types of ILS. The text also offers self-assessment audits and other activities to enable the reader to relate the tools and techniques to their own work situation. Key topics covered are: the role of team leader in ILS; leading and managing the team; confident leadership and supervision; the psychology of motivation; managing the work; communication skills; managing and leading complex teams; human resource management; workplace learning and training; and, personal and professional development. This is an essential tool for new and aspiring supervisors and team leaders in ILS, and for more experienced supervisors who wish to dip into it to refresh their approach. It will also be of great value to ILS students.
1. The role of team leaders in ILS 2. Leading and managing the team 3. Confident leadership and supervision 4. Motivation 5. Managing the work 6. Communication skills 7. Managing and leading complex teams 8. Human resource management 9. Workplace learning and training 10. Personal and professional development
Dr Barbara Allan is Deputy Dean of Hull University Business School and Director of the Centre for Innovations in Business and Management Education. She was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2008 for her innovative work in e-learning and e-mentoring. Barbara is interested in new approaches to supporting research students and led the development of the Graduate Virtual Research Environment. Barbara is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.
"...a superior resource…This is a considered and practical work. Its content is presented in effective and appealing ways." - Australian Library Journal

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